Our Story

With our journey beginning 2020, Hella Happy Life emerged as a juice bar popup only available for pick up orders via Instagram. We have shifted and pivoted as the world around us has changed and as life has shaped how we can contribute to the world. We have now grown into Hella Happy Bar & Blooms. 

We are the gateway drug to wellness. Providing our community with non alcoholic herbal cocktails is just one of the ways we continue to be hella happy. We have also incorporated hella happy blooms offering spunky and unique floral arrangements. Both of these offerings keep our values of Presence, Uplifting, and Growth. 

At Hella Happy Bar & Blooms, our company values of uplift, growth, and presence serve as our guiding principles, keeping us aligned with our mission and dedicated to providing exceptional experiences. Uplift is at the core of everything we do, as we strive to uplift the spirits of our customers through the beauty and joy of our floral creations and nature. Our herbal cocktails made specifically to uplift your mood give you just the boost you need. We believe in the transformative power of growth, constantly seeking to improve and innovate in order to exceed expectations and offer fresh, exciting offerings. Hella Happy Bar & Blooms is where plant medicine and socializing meet. Moreover, we value presence – being fully present in the moment, whether it's creating stunning arrangements or serving our customers with genuine care and attention. Our drinks keep us in the moment while allowing us to let loose. These values inspire us to continuously evolve, connect deeply with our customers, and create an environment where beauty and happiness flourish. With uplift, growth, and presence as our compass, we remain committed to delivering exceptional floral experiences that leave a lasting impression keeping us all hella happy.

During Hella Happy experiences we strive to set a tone of positivity and wellness from within. We want our community to feel loved and supported on their journeys. Cultivating experiences where you can reconnect with yourself and others is important to us. Providing better options to uplift and rejuvenate your body and spirit is top priority. This is where plant medicine and socializing meet to help you channel your inner psychedelic energy and bring you into higher dimensions of yourself. We hope to see you at one of our pop ups soon!